Kartiayla Beach is a UI/UX Designer, and visual artist in New York City.

My name is Kartiayla, and I am a multitalented Interaction Designer.


Kartiayla Beach

Great Designs Begin With Great Ideas, and Greater Research.

This is my motto. I believe it is important that a designer have a process that is structured, and easy to remember. Therefore, I created this phrase for my design process. I search for VALID conclusions to create designs that deliver a product the results in a great user experience…over and over. Take a look through my portfolio please feel free to contact me.

After attending Georgia State University for Business Marketing and Communication, I decided to expand my expertise in a more creative field. I knew that with my marketing background and creative capabilities, I could become a necessity to numerous larger businesses and clients. Not long after this decision, I received my certificate in Graphic Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology where I became fluent in several Adobe programs.

I have had the pleasure of working for numerous clients and many of whom are available to view throughout my portfolio. Enjoy!



I Create Beautiful Prototypes and Wireframes Depicting Animations and Interactions.

One of my greatest talents, and what I enjoy doing most is creating prototypes and wireframes. I create prototypes using Adobe XD, and other programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop for graphic design assets. Below is a selection of prototypes I created for a daily UI challenge I named KAVAN Collection. My goal for my prototypes is that they are seamless, visually appealing, and as close to a live application as possible when it comes to functionality and interaction between the app and the user.



I Illustrate Digital Artwork and Graphics.

My first creative passion and talent has always been illustration. I am a skilled sketch artist, able to turn my artwork into digital graphic designs. I enjoy furthering the visual appeal of those designs for logos, flyers, style guide and more. Being that I enjoy creating artwork also helps further my creative eye and uniqueness of design projects.

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